Cakeworthy Summer Collection!

Who’s ready for a delicious serving of Cakeworthy?  ...And without hesitation, we all say, “YES, please!” If you’re familiar with Cakeworthy, you know that this calorie-free company is known for creating fun, bright & colorful clothing.  Whether you love their all over print tees, denim jackets or super soft, plaid flannels, featuring some of the most humorous quotes on the backside, you know that you are going to get some of the best quality merchandise!  All of their products are made with the most luxurious cotton and their attention to detail is unmatched! 


Well, this summer’s collection is too hot to handle!  Not only have they given us the styles and characters that we are craving, but they have added a new retro style to take our summer months up to a whole new level!  Get ready for it, friends… they have added a rainbow, drop sleeve tank top!!!  Mic drop. {And the crowd went crazy with excitement!!!}  Not only have they taken us back to summers on the beach in Southern California during the sensational 70’s, with this particular style of tank, but they have done it featuring our favorite mouse, Mickey!  This adorable little guy is wrapped in all the colors, rainbow!   On top of all this yummy goodness, Cakeworthy has added new AOP tee shirts to their line up.  Get ready for it… Disney Princesses!  All of them are on it! Belle, Moana, Mulan, Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, Tiana, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Merida, Ariel & Cinderella!  And in keeping in step with this season’s release of summer films, they are releasing a Cruella DeVille tee!  She is fabulous & devilishly wonderful! Are you a Star Wars fan?  Cakeworthy has that covered too!  This time they are featuring two of our favorite sidekicks, R2-D2 and C3PO.    

If you’re looking for a new flannel, they covered that too, with three new flannels.  Two of which are from Harry Potter; Luna Lovegood and Hermoine Granger are featured this time around.  The final flannel that we are offering is a green plaid with the ultimate Jedi, Yoda from Star Wars.  


Whatever style or design that you decide to grab, whether it is an AOP tee or a plaid flannel, we know that you will not be disappointed with this collection.  We think that there is something for everyone.  Young or old, regular or plus, Cakeworthy has you in mind!