Cakeworthy x Bridesmaids

You are cordially invited to attend the wedding of the year!  Join us on February 4th at midnight, as we come together to support the union of Cakeworthy, and the movie franchise, Bridesmaids.  These two wonderful individuals have come together to create a lovely partnership and to bring us humorous t-shirts featuring our favorite characters and quotes, from one of the best comedies of the century!  Cakeworthy is famous for creating adorable, well made, tees, with fun quotes and whimsical artwork.  Their tees are unisex and come in sizes S-4XL.  They are 100% cotton, so you know they are super comfy! 


Let us introduce you to the bridal party!


The first tee to walk down the aisle is a black little number with long sleeves,  It is unisex, so men and women alike will feel comfortable wearing this tee.  One of our favorite things about this tee are the words, and the hilarious picture of the lead character, Annie Walker.  In this scene, Annie is on a plane headed to Las Vegas, and she is full of anxiety.  Her nemesis, Helen sabotages Annie by giving her anti-anxiety pills and encouraging her to chase them with Scotch. Once that happens, chaos ensues and we are left with a hysterical scene where Annie blurts out some of the best lines of the movie!  


Once again, our lead character Annie Walker, who is under the influence, and still up to her crazy antics, and has made her way to “Mr. Iglesias”, first class seat, claiming to be his wife, just so she doesn’t have to return to coach.  When she is asked, by the flight attendant, Steve, or Stove, as Annie calls him, to return to her seat, Annie blurts out, among other nonsense, “Help me, I’m poor”.  This side-splitting quote gets us every time!  


The final tee in this line up of comical characters and quotes, is a white, short sleeved tee, featuring all the female leads wearing their bougie, lavender Fritz Bernaise bridesmaids dresses.  And front and center is our beautiful bride, Lillian, wearing her, over the top, frilly, Fritz Bernaise wedding dress!  It is all just so good that you’re definitely going to want the whole collection!  We just can’t get enough of these crazy gals!  It’s hard to believe that Bridesmaids is 10 years old! Proving, once again, that humor never dies!