Cakeworthy's Beauty and the Beast Collection


Bonjour, Bonjour, Bonjour!


Ma chère mademoiselle. It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that Pink a la Mode introduces to you the newest addition to our spring line up!  Cakeworthy’s Beauty and the Beast Collection has a certain, how do you say?je ne sais quoi?!  

It is difficult to put into words, just how much we love the brand Cakeworthy. They stand alone when it comes to offering the very best quality in licensed Disney jackets, flannels and tees!

Shall we take a moment and breath in the goodness of this Beauty and the Beast collection.  Let’s start by talking about their denim jackets, shall we!  If you want adventure in the great wide somewhere, then this is the jacket to take along with you on that journey.  The denim that Cakeworthy uses is the very best. The  design and construction of this jacket always goes above and beyond our greatest expectations. But the show stopper is the embroidered design on the back of this jacket.  It is breathtakingly beautiful with such intricacies and attention to detail.  Cakeworthy has recreated the scene in the film where they capture the moment where Belle and the Beast realize they are in love with each other.  It has us feeling like we have reached the middle of chapter three where she meets her Prince Charming!  


Whether you choose to wear this jacket over some jeans and a tee, or with a skirt or dress, people will stop dead in their tracks as you literally walk around town with a piece of art draped over your back!  Trust us, if you are a fan of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, you’re not going to want to miss out on the opportunity to grab this jacket!  We have a limited amount of jackets in sizes ranging from S-4XL.  (When editing, please confirm sizes)

Why not up your game and add one of their specialty flannels or AOP tees to take this look up to a whole other level?!  


Cakeworthy flannels are ultra soft and so comfortable.  They feature some of the best quotes and always have a fun little embroidered pocket.  Again, they are unisex, so you can be sure that they are constructed in such a way that they fit both men and women comfortably.  And finally, what’s not to love about their AOP tees?!  We just can’t get enough of Cakeworthy’s adorable all over prints featuring our favorite characters from the animated film.  These whimsical prints always make us smile.  So remember, when selecting the piece that is right for you, please keep in mind that the Cakeworthy brand tends to run true to size.  Please take into consideration that they are unisex, so if you are fuller around the chest or shoulders, whether you are a he or a she, we suggest you jump up one size!