Disney's Ultimate Princess Collection!



It is with great excitement and anticipation that Their Royal Highnesses request your presence for the long awaited arrival of the The Ultimate Princess Collection. These lovely princesses are making their royal debut today, at Pink a la Mode! The first four of eight princesses have entered the palace and are waiting patiently by the grand staircase to be introduced.  We are waiting for the palace official to step up to the podium to make an announcement.  He clears his throat and speaks.


The Sultan of Agrabah would like to introduce you to his beloved daughter, Princess Jasmine.  Jasmine is a lovely young woman, she is a natural born leader, she is intelligent, adventurous and a loyal friend to all.  She is an animal advocate, and her best friend is her treasured pet tiger, Rajah.  


As much as King Triton wanted to be here with us today, due to the fact that we do not have access to a large body of salt water, he could not join us.  Our next presenter flew in today to make today's introduction.  Let’s all welcome Scuttle!  “I’m here for a little vocal stimulation. Today I present to you, Princess Ariel.  She is one of my closest friends.  Ariel is a free spirit, she’s kind, a dreamer, and has a lovely singing voice.  She loves collectibles, and is especially proud of her dingelhopper collection!  Not only does she collect treasures, but she collects friends too. On most days you will find Ariel taking long walks on the beach with her beloved husband Eric, and their dog Max.  Ariel is a passionate vegan and finds joy in rescuing all of the little creatures she finds on her walks.


Flora, Fauna & Merryweather are buzzing with anticipation & excitement!  They are here to introduce our next princess. Although, Briar Rose wasn’t aware that she was a princess, her three fairy godmother’s did and they spent the better part of her young life protecting her from Maleficent.  Much has changed, and the kingdom is a peace again.  Briar Rose no longer goes by that name, she goes by Aurora now.  The kingdom has settled into a new normal and everyone is united and friendly toward each other.  All is right.  Aurora is by far, the kindest, most humble young woman.  She loves gardening, adores animals and sewing. Although, we strongly discourage her from doing that.  She is a friend to everyone and has a smile that lights up every palace.  We are so happy she has joined us!


Finally, one of our most beloved Princesses doesn’t need anyone to introduce her.  She is an independent, determined, hardworking woman.  Tiana, was married into royalty and is a commoner in the eyes of the royals, but she is everyone’s princess and is adored by all.  Tiana prefers to stay out of the limelight and  would rather spend time doing what she loves, cooking.  She is a self taught chef, and she runs a successful restaurant and catering business.  She feels most at home in the kitchen, but when she has free time, she loves going to the bayou with her husband, Prince Naveen, who by the way works for her, and watching the fireflies. 


Well, that is all for today’s festivities.  Thank you for joining us in welcoming these beauties to the shop.  Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to collect all eight of the Ultimate Princess Collection.