Easter Baskets with a Twist!

Easter just isn’t Easter without baskets, is it?  But who says that it has to be an actual basket, right?  Why not up your gift-giving ante by using something that your little ones will actually use year round, and not just of a few days out of the year?  How about giving your kids a KBNL nylon backpack?!  We carry some of the most adorable backpacks, made specifically with kids in mind.  Not only do they make backpacks with some of our favorite characters such as; Ariel, Lilo, Mulan, Spiderman, Cinderella, and many more, but they are smaller and made to fit kids and toddlers alike!  And why not teach them to carry their own weight early on, instead of having mommy hold everything, for the entire family, in her bag!  On top of getting your kiddo a new backpack, this season, you can fill the insides with fun, new things from Pink a la Mode!  Here are some of our favorite things for Easter!


1.) Stuff it!  The KBNL backpack, off course!  Select your favorite backpack and get ready to fill it with the cutest and most delicious treasures!

2.) Candy Club is a must for Easter!  They take pride in offering an amazing variety of delicious and differentiated candies, such as; Bunny Buddies, Mint Bunny Bark, Hoppy Easter eggs.  These a just a few of the wide variety of tasty treats that they offer.  Not only are they delicious, but they come in a cute clear and turquoise container to keep your candy fresh! 

3.) Color your world HaPpY with Ooly paints and markers!  Not only will your kids love using these beautiful coloring tools, but you will too!  Find your favorite coloring book, canvas or paper and create without limits!  So, gather the whole family together and create some beautiful art!


4.) Roxy Grace has created sprinkle Confetti Bath Soap and bath time just got a whole lot more fun, turning the mundane bath into a bathtub party!  Getting clean has never been more fun!


5.) If you haven’t tried Crispery treats then you haven’t lived!  These delectable treats are, hands down, the best crispy treats in all the land!  They aren’t your ordinary treats, these treats are HUGE and one treat can feed up to 3 adults!  They are packed with marshmallow cream, butter and fresh rice crispy’s for the most delicious dessert! They come in a wide variety of flavors, such as; coconut, sprinkles, cookies & cream, s’mores, original-plain & sweet and many more!!!  Adding this to your backpack will be the icing on the cake!


6.) Nearly 100 years ago, the founder of Hammonds, opened up his candy factory in Denver, CO, with a commitment to quality. While Hammond's started as a small family business with a loyal local following, they have now grown into an iconic brand. We are proud to offer our customers Hammonds scrumptious treats in our shop.  With delicious flavors like sea side caramel, malted milk shake, peanut butter cup & coconut cream pie, they entice our tastebuds and leave us wanting more.  They are the perfect addition to any Easter backpack!  


7.) There is nothing more exciting for a child than a hidden treasure!  Pink a la Mode carries many different Mystery Blind Bags.  Whether your little one loves Disney Princesses, Marvel Super Heroes, Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter or Star Wars, we have something for every one of your kiddos!  They add a wonderful filler to your backpacks!


8.) Lokai is one of our favorite brands of bracelets.  They have created Disney themed bracelets, with subtle designs featuring some of our favorite characters.  Not only are these bracelets unisex, they come in XS & Small sizes to fit the tiniest of fashionistas!  


9.) Disney Pouches have always been a big seller at Pink a la Mode.  They can be used as a pencil holder or school supplies, a makeup case or even keep your masks safe & clean.  They hold just about anything small that you can think of!  We offer everything from Star Wars and Hello Kitty to Disney Princesses, Toy Story; Aliens, Mickey & Minnie and so much more!  We have a pouch for everyone!  


10.)  Our final Easter backpack stuffer is one of our favorite little collectibles!  Funko Mystery Minis are so darn cute!  With many different characters to choose from, such as; Frozen, Pooh Bear & friends, Nightmare Before Christmas, Little Mermaid, and more, you will find something for every one of your loved ones, including adults!  They make for a super fun gift and you won’t be able to stop at just one!


As you Spring into a new season, and Easter, think Pink when you are looking for your Easter baskets/backpacks and treats.