How to create an easy beautiful decorative tray!

Love is in the air and we couldn’t be more excited!  Let’s face it, we can all use more encouragement, hope and lots of love!

One way to lift spirits and help spread cheer is to decorate for the season!  Decorative trays are all the rage right now, and for those of us who don’t like to over do it, especially just coming off of Christmas, decorating a tray is the perfect solution!   By creating a mobile, decorative vignette, and placing it at your kitchen sink, dining room table, or family room, makes the holidays extra festive!  The cool thing about a round tray is that it can be seen from different angles!


Creating the perfect decorative tray is super easy and fun!  When you begin to select the items you want to incorporate into your display, keep in mind that they should reflect your personality and the things you love! 


Here’s what you need to get started to create the perfect tray for you!  There are so many different trays available to choose from these days.  They are literally everywhere!  We found ours online at Home Depot, but Home Goods, TJ Maxx & even Etsy are great places to score the perfect tray depending on your personal preference.  When creating a display it is best to use many different decorative elements. 

1.) Decide on a theme.  We selected Star Wars & candy hearts, so everything that we added to our tray had something to do with those two things!  

2.) Select a color scheme. Choose between 3-5 colors to incorporate into the design of your tray.  We used four shades of pink and red.

3.). In order to create a balanced and fluid display, it is best to use hard and soft scapes and bring in different shapes too.  What do I mean by hard and soft scape?  Well, ceramic, metal, wood & plastic fall under hardscapes.  Soft scapes are fabrics, yarn, felt garland, stuffed animals, faux plants & flowers.  

4.) The bulk of the items we selected are hardscapes, so by adding the greenery, yarn and pom-poms, it really softens the display.

5.) Since we read left to right, that is how you should set up your tray.   When placing your items on your tray add your biggest items first, creating a “Z” shape.  For instance, we placed our bubblegum machine at the top left, next was our Rae Dunn mug, that is a tad bit smaller, but has a fun design element & a cute message too, which ties in to our theme.  Next, was our XOXO sign on the bottom left.  FInally, Darth Vader, himself, was elevated and brought forward.  The other items were added after we were happy with our four pillars.    

6.) Don’t forget.  This is supposed to be fun!  Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t look right to you.  If you don’t like it, step back and try again.  We literally changed this display 5 times and we still weren’t 100% happy with it.  Remember, this is your creation and it is in your home.  There is nothing else to compare it to.  We guarantee that everyone who sees your tray will love it!  Here’s to spreading the love in 2021!  Happy Valentine’s Day!