Pink a la Mode's Minnie Mouse Strawberry Sundae Exclusive

Many of you have asked the significance of our business name, Pink a la Mode.
This man right here is the inspiration behind the name of our family owned business. His name was Stan. He was our father, grandfather. He was an amazing man. He loved his family deeply and was the hardest working man we know, with the exception of Curtis. He had the best sense of humor, he held a grudge like no other, except maybe Kiki, and loved fiercely. He enjoyed gardening, construction, woodcrafting and ice cream.
When we were deciding on a name for our family business, we thought long and hard for a name that would have deep meaning to all of us. Kiki came up with the name A la Mode. Not only is the meaning tied to ice cream, but it also means trendy/fashion in French. Since we began selling as a women’s clothing boutique, we thought we were on to something. Ashley thought pink would be the perfect addition to the title, and since both Ash and Kiki love the color pink, we thought it was the perfect pairing. The hidden meaning is that strawberry (pink) was Stan’s favorite ice cream flavor. Although, Stan is no longer with us, his legacy lives on, not only in our hearts and minds, but also in the title of our business. The Strawberry Sundae backpack is in honor of Stan, aka Pa, aka Dad, aka Skinny! 💗🍦