The Princess Passport Collection

When the clock struck midnight on February 1, 2021, Pink a la Mode introduced three new EXCLUSIVE bags called the Disney Princess Passport Collection.  We launched our Pre-Sale and our customers went mad for these enchanted bags! 

This is our first partnership, with the company Buckle Down, and we couldn’t be happier about how lovely these bags are.  What we love about them is that they are not only, a crossbody bag, but they are lightweight and easy to carry.  They measure 8 LX6 Wx2D inches with an approx. 54” adjustable nylon strap, and they fit most adults. On top of these features, they have two additional pockets.  One in the front and another hidden inside, for additional storage.  With great attention to every detail, we have added sparkly rose gold zippers and hardware to take these bags up to a whole other level!  Whether you’re looking for a compact travel bag to take on vacation, headed out to run errands, or better yet, the Disney Parks, you’ll find that these passport bags make life lighter and easier!  We are in love with the idea of less burden in our lives and these bags sure help to lighten the load.  We love all that this bag has to offer, but we haven’t talked about their beauty!  Each bag is off-white and is made from vegan leather. Each bag features one of the three classic princesses; Ariel, Cinderella & Belle, and the bag tells a different story, bringing the movie screen, of our favorite princesses, to life! You’re not going to want to miss out on this preorder because we have a limited amount available. We expect the royals to make their appearance in March/April 2021.