Best Ever Undated Planner

    The best planner EVER!! It's the perfect size, with the flexibility to skip weeks or months while being able to come back and waste zero pages. And of course there are fun coloring page spreads that you can color while on the phone, after a stressful day, or just because they are a fun surprise to stumble onto.

    It has a vegan leather cover and a stitched binding so it holds up SO well to anything you throw it’s way, while also laying completely flat so you can use every square inch of the pages, (aka no gnarly rings that block your hand no matter what and end up getting all bent and blah after just a few weeks).

    The 5x8” size also makes it so it doesn’t take up too much desk space and fits in any one of your bags perfectly. But more than anything else.. this planner brings calm to your crazy life. If you need the satisfaction of crossing “do the dishes” and “change poopy diapers” off your list or if you are running a huge company with a mile long to do list, this planner will very quickly feel like a friend by helping you clear your head, feel motivated, and kick butt no matter what comes your way.

    • 1 - 5x8 Undated 17-month Planner
    • 232 Interior Pages
    • 2 Black Ribbon Page Markers

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