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Steps to help protect you against "Porch Pirates"

Hey Girlfriends & Brofriends!
Here at Pink A la Mode, we absolutely love this time of the year! The seasons are shifting, leaves are falling, pumpkin spice is being served everywhere and the excitement of Christmas is drawing near. As we set the stage for the most anticipated time of the year, we want to remind you that not everything about this season is wonderful. With the holidays at our doorstep, we are experiencing unwanted visitors on our porch, as well. Many of you know them well. Some people call them “porch pirates”, but we know them as just plain ole’ crooks!
As more people shop online, more packages are being dropped off on front porches across America. These crooks are literally following the postal service trucks, waiting for them to drop off packages and then swooping in and stealing them. Although, UPS insures boxes up to $100, if THEY lose your package, they will not issue a refund on stolen packages. UPS considers it to be a theft and they are not liable. Pink A la Mode is not liable either. If you have a package that has been stolen, we strongly suggest that you contact the police and file a report.
What can you do to protect yourself against thieves?
1.) Make sure sure that your email is up to date in your back office. You will find updates there. Both our app, and your website account offer this information regarding the whereabouts of your package. You receive an email when your package has shipped, a second email when it is on the truck for delivery and a third and final email when it has been delivered.
2.) Sign up for USPS and UPS online. You will receive updates as to where your package is and when it will be delivered.
3.) You can upgrade your package to require a signature. For an extra fee, we will make those changes to ensure your package is safe. If you choose to do this you can contact us at support@pinkalamode.com
4.) Have a trusted friend, family
member or neighbor collect your mail.
5.) You can arrange for UPS to drop off your packages at CVS. This needs to be arranged with UPS prior to drop off. It is solely your responsibility to arrange that delivery.
As much as we would love for your shopping experience, with us, to be all-around wonderful, some of you are experiencing this injustice. It is not only frustrating, but you are finding yourselves being left empty handed. As a family owned business, we are not capable of covering such losses, especially since more and more customers are being affected by this crime. Sadly, it is solely up to you to protect your packages. We would love to magically hand deliver each and every one of your packages, but we are not able to do that. Once your package has left our warehouse, there is literally nothing we can do to make this situation better for you.